‘The Workshop’

Our current focus has been on providing asylum seekers in Belgrade educational and recreational opportunities. In partnership with Serbian Refugee Aid Serbia, we run ‘The Workshop’, a dedicated education center which provides educational and recreational activities Monday through Friday. Starting from the belief that communication in English is a basic necessity along their journeys, we developed ‘Survival English Classes’ that target the specific needs, vocabulary and high-priority English phrasing of the refugees/migrants currently in Belgrade, starting with health, clothing and asking for help. Our classes have since expanded into math, science, and geography, and our recreational workshops range from arts and crafts to cake decoration.

We would like to thank our partners LDS Charities and Be an Angel for supporting this project.

Community Development


In the past, we have initiated several community development projects aim to encourage volunteerism, identify community development opportunities, develop academic and professional skills and strengthen community ties within Serbia. In broadening the scope of volunteerism within various communities, we give students the opportunity to develop innovative methods of problem-solving and increased experience in team work.

Under this initiative, we have a variety of projects:

Peer to Peer: Facebook Global Digital Challenge: During the 2017 Spring semester, our Novi Pazar team participated in the P2P challenge. The aim of this challenge was for university students to push back on online hate, prejudice, and extremism while empowering their peers.

Sketch Your Future with Us: this program is to introduce university students throughout Serbia to various educational opportunities within and outside of the country.

Mural Paintings: in a grant funded by the U.S. Embassy, Belgrade we organize mural painting projects on schools throughout the south of Serbia. Involving youth from Novi Pazar, local youth and elementary school students from the school.

Community Cleanup: in Novi Pazar we have initiated trash clean ups between schools, increasing awareness of littering and its effects on the environment and encouraging students to take more pride in their communities.

If you wish to get involved in this initiative or have any ideas for future community development projects please e-mail Jessica Collins: jessica.collins@northstarserbia.org